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Plain Grinding Wheels( E 70 T-1 )

We manufacture high quality Grinding Wheels with perfect Outer Diameter ( OD ), Inner Diameter ( ID ), Thickness, Rotary speed, and Mounting options. Grinding in Welding Shops, Metal, Steel Mills, Automobile Industries and Foundries for heavy stock removal.

Glass Grinding Wheels

These Wheels are made from Silicon Carbide Grits Balack / Green and used for Glass Grinding. Chamfering and giving Carious Shapes, Engraving designs onglass.

Depressed Grinding Wheels

It is basic coated all position flux cored wire designed for welding of thick joints, critical assemblies under heavy static or dynamic stresses with toughness upto minus 400C.

ROYALFIL GS 18-R (E 81T-1)

These wheels are used for Grinding, Cleaning Metal surface, Cutting of Gates, Risers and Finishing surfaces.

Reinforced Cut Off Wheels

Fiber Glass Reinforced cut off wheels are designed for easy Performance, Safety and radily availability for use with a wider range of Ferrous and Non - Ferrous metal cutting application such as bar stock, Structural steel, Tubing, Sheet Metal etc.

Swing Frame / Pedestal Wheels

These Swing Frame / Pedestal Wheels are used in Steel Industry for Surface Correction of Billets and used in foundries for Gates and Risers removal.