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Quality Assurance

The Quality System, as detailed in the Quality Assurance Manual, assures the capability to control and continually improve our processes that determine the acceptability of product supplied to our customers. These requirements are primarily directed at prevention of non-conformances as well as detection, corrective action and process improvement implementation. Our mission is to provide our customers with productivity enhancing products and processes to improve their operating efficiencies and lower their costs. We ensure you the delivery of good quality material requirements in standard specifications and quality. We also assure you that you shall be more than satisfied to do business with us in future .

What We Offer

Family owned and operated since 1985, Service Tanks, located in Bangalore, KA, is committed to production of quality products and customer satisfaction.

We are prepared to supply your storage requirements. Just give us a call!

After Sales Service

Our commitment does not end after delivery and installation. In order to maximize your productivity and minimize your costs of operation, we offer comprehensive service during the entire working life of your system. Our service is based on an in-depth understanding of technology. We service the newest machines as well as support, update and retrofit systems that have been in operation for over 30 years.